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The plug-in hybrid electric Broom Bear®  is another example of Elgin®  Sweeper’s ongoing commitment to helping municipal customers reduce their carbon footprint, improve air quality, and mitigate climate change.

“Street sweepers have always been essential tools for improving water and air quality, and Elgin Sweeper has been committed to working with cities and municipalities across North America to make a positive impact on public health and the environment, while also offering competitive value to taxpayers,” said Mike Higgins, Vice President and General Manager of Elgin Sweeper. “We are pleased to team up with forward-thinking municipalities to help them accomplish their mission of sustainability by advancing the type of innovative sweeping technology found in the hybrid Broom Bear sweeper.”


Hybrid Broom Bear is tough on debris, easy on the environment

The hybrid Broom Bear uses a high-capacity battery to power the sweeper. The battery can be recharged while driving or when plugged into an electrical outlet.

Designed to tackle everything from heavy-duty construction debris, such as millings or gravel, to light street maintenance, the hybrid sweeper’s performance, speeds, capacity, and its availability to work all day remains unchanged from the standard Broom Bear sweeper.

Its short wheelbase, large diameter brooms, and dual-mode air suspension system is ideal for sweeping in densely populated areas. Its large hopper and water tank result in more productive sweeping time and fewer scheduled stops.


Less fuel, less noise

The plug-in, hybrid electric Broom Bear sweeper consumes dramatically less fuel relative to the baseline Broom Bear, while maintaining overall sweep performance. The hybrid sweeper’s low noise level is an added benefit for the operator, and especially for residents living in areas where sweepers routinely operate.


From concept to reality

“We could not have developed the hybrid Broom Bear sweeper without Elgin Sweeper’s innovation process that has sparked the launch of several new sweepers in recent years,” said Ron Schmidt, Chief Technology Officer for Elgin Sweeper. “The hybrid Broom Bear sweeper required a significant investment in research and development, including customer needs assessment through product testing and validation.” Schmidt added that the objective of the hybrid Broom Bear development is to assist cities with their sustainability initiatives. 


Why Plug-in Hybrid Electric

  • • Lithium-ion battery for long duty cycle operation
  • • Charge on-the-go or with an SAE J1772 charging receptacle
  • • Uncompromised water capacity
  • • Available in diesel or Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)
  • • Pause-Sweep functionality for energy conservation
  • • Seamless and automatic transition between hybrid and conventional system





La Broom Bear con activación mediante gas natural comprimido. de Elgin está disponible. Esto significa que por fin existe una barredora mecánica con chasis comercial reconocido y de un solo motor. La Broom Bear es una barredora mecánica resistente que funciona con un motor a gas natural Cummins Westport L9N N-Gas con tecnología de punta, por lo que cuenta con la certificación sobre estándares de emisión de la Agencia de Protección Ambiental (EPA)/Junta de Recursos del Aire de California (CARB). Al añadir el paquete opcional PM-10, la Broom Bear también puede cumplir con la regla 1186 del Distrito de Gestión de la Calidad del Aire de la Costa Sur (SCAQMD). Por sus tres tanques de combustible de material compuesto de 3600 psi, la Broom Bear cuenta con una generosa capacidad de combustible, equivalente a 51 galones de combustible diésel. Esto le permite un alcance de barrido superior al de la Broom Bear de diésel estándar. La Broom Bear de Elgin es ruda contra los desechos y el polvo, pero de ligero impacto sobre los operadores; ahora, lo es también sobre el medioambiente.

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    Plug-in Hybrid Electric
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  • Plug-in Hybrid Electric Sweeper
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